Katja Suding, deputy FDP chairwoman, shared her thoughts on the corona crisis on Twitter. An emergency doctor at Munich Airport reacted violently.

  • Katja Suding, deputy FDP chairwoman, tweeted.
  • In her last post she talked about her personal thoughts regarding the Corona crisis.
  • But she certainly hadn’t expected the violent reaction of an emergency doctor at Munich Airport.

Munich Airport – Katja Suding, the deputy federal president of the FDP, has her own thoughts on the corona crisis. The 44-year-old should now have noticed very quickly that you shouldn’t just peddle with it as a person of public life – at least not – without expecting headwinds.

Corona crisis: Katja Suding (FDP) questions Lockdown on Twitter

For example, the chairwoman of the FDP Hamburg posted the provocative-sounding question on Twitter: “I start the week thoughtfully: What is life worth if we let us take away the freedom to live?”

The 44-year-old thus referred to the exit restrictions currently prevailing throughout Germany as well as the measures previously taken such as closings of retail and catering, the suspension of concerts, sporting events, school closings and all other restrictions on public life.

Munich Airport: Emergency doctor angry about Sudings Corona Post

In a short time, over 2,600 comments were collected under the politician’s post. One of them: The answer from Dr. Eva Maria Strobl. The general practitioner, who worked full-time as an emergency doctor for years, has been running her own practice for aesthetic surgery since 2016. In addition, however, she is still on as an emergency doctor Munich Airport active where the Corona theme is once again clearly present, not least because of the tourist traffic and the task force based in the Erdinger Moos.

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Munich Airport emergency doctor reacts sharply to FDP Corona tweet

Like many others, Strobl seems to think that for the sake of the common good, one has to do without some private fun at the moment. Her answer to Suding’s post was: “Here’s the good news: when you’re dead, don’t worry about those thoughts anymore.”

Suding should not have expected this harsh answer. Many users celebrate Strobl for their clear announcement of Suding, post a thumbs up and praise the clarity in which the doctor uses a harsh choice of words to illustrate the importance of the measures currently in place.

In the video: Bavarian Prime Minister Söder extends exit restrictions

FDP politician defends Corona Post: airport doctor chose drastic words

Suding herself, however, apparently feels misunderstood in her post. In an interview with the Tagesspiegel, she said shortly after the tweet: “You can never outweigh human lives against economic freedoms. But if the economy collapses, we can no longer supply the people. ”It is not about shopping or a visit to the hairdresser, but about the drastic economic consequences that the lockdown in Germany, which has now been extended to at least April 20, will have will. The FDP politician left open what Suding thinks to Strobl’s answer.

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