Coronavirus: after the cancer and 3 vaccinations, the Hungarian actor is feverish at home

In 2015, the Jászai Jászai Prize-winning artist was diagnosed with cancer. It seemed to be over the hardship, but the serious illness recurred two years later. Ujlaki is currently an asymptomatic cancer patient, but recently caught the coronavirus.

“I lie feverish at home and I feel like my ribs have been smashed with a pair of pliers and my lungs keep signaling that I’m getting a load like I’m just running a marathon. Simply put, I am covidos, I caught this damn virus even after the third vaccination. Anyway, I have an opinion about the epidemic management in Hungary, about this pull-down system, if only it can be called that. They do not provide information, they keep people in a state of insecurity, but at the same time they hold sporting events full of marriages and they are surprised that more and more people are infected, ”Dénes Ujlaki told Blikk.

Recently, Liu Shaoang, a short-distance speed skater, who is preparing for the Beijing Winter Olympics, tested positive for his corona virus. The athlete has no symptoms and can continue to train. The medical team next to the five-ring team will operate according to the international protocol, and a negative test result will be required for five consecutive days to start.

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Short-track speed skaters are preparing to meet this condition, allowing the Olympic, World and European Championship competitor to travel to the Chinese capital after the team.