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Covid Ireland: third doses administered by age

Rome, 23 November 2021 – Europe is in the midst of fourth wave of Covid and, to use the expression of Jens Spahn, Minister of Health of Germany, one of the most affected countries as evidenced by the other 300 deaths recorded in the last 24 hours, is experiencing the “pandemic of the unvaccinated“. But in this picture the case of theIreland, which despite being one of the European countries with the higher vaccination rates, almost the 90% of people over 12 have been immunized, is seeing a record surge in contagions in relation to its population (5 million people), in the wake of the neighboring UK, but despite the fact that they have always maintained restrictions and cautions more stringent than the British ones. And now she is forced to reintroduce even more severe restrictions including the green pass vaccinale.

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Let’s try to understand what the reasons are.

The new cases of Covid in Ireland have grown in the last 14 days: on 21 November they were registered 5,634 infections which have brought the total positives to 535 thousand since the start of the pandemic. Over 20% of the infections related to the last two weeks concern boys under 18 who have reasonably lower vaccination rates. They are increasing aalso the beds occupied in hospitals: i hospitalized for Covid are 643: 525 are found in non-critical wards and 118 in intensive care. To underline the clear growth in resuscitation where in the last two weeks the patients have increased by 40%. Better on the front of the deaths which remain very low.

Responsible for the increase in infections despite the high vaccination rates seems to be the delay in the administration of the third dose of vaccine. The recall program until a few days ago was only available for the over 60s, healthcare professionals and people at risk and the November 18, on the occasion of the reintroduction of the restrictions, it was extended to all over 50s. Looking at the reports posted on the Irish government website as of 21 November they were administered 580 thousand third doses.

As announced by the Prime Minister of Dublin, Micheál Martin, since last Thursday 18 November and for the next four weeks in Ireland the tensions have again tightened anti-Covid restrictions: the early and mandatory closure of pubs, restaurants, night clubs no later than midnight and a series of measures to “reduce socialization” from the smart working, for all those who are able to do it, al vaccine pass to access more and more places, starting with theaters and cinemas. Stricter rules have also been introduced on precautionary isolation (5 days) in case of contact with infected people and on the use of maskas well as the low-cost offering of antigen tests.