Cristiano Ronaldo’s winning method copied by Haaland?

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Haaland understood this well, to be successful you have to be inspired by the best. Taking Cristiano Ronaldo as an example, the Norwegian star is sure not to be wrong. “I am a footballer thanks to Cristiano” admitted Haaland last year. As much a perfectionist as CR7, the Dortmund striker regularly visits a center in Doha to work on his races, as well as his muscles.


An example he has always followed

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Cristiano RonaldoCredit Photo – Icon Sport

Haaland has long been interested in the details that make Ronaldo suck. Starting with food. The Norwegian has put away much of his junk food to replace it with a diet based on fish, Cristiano’s flagship food.

But he is also keen on new machines to improve his recovery. Cristiano Ronaldo is also famous for this. The Dortmund striker uses a new muscle recovery technology, from the company Hypercie of which he has recently become a shareholder.

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