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Criticism of the closure of a refugee home in Griesheim

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A refugee shelter is to be closed in Griesheim. The Asylum Working Group speaks of a “hasty action” by the Darmstadt-Dieburg district.

The Asylum Working Group in Griesheim has criticized the closure of accommodation for 84 refugees announced by the Darmstadt-Dieburg district as a “rushed action”. According to the district, accommodation B5 on Bunsenstraße is to be closed at the end of August. It is planned to accommodate around 15 to 20 people in another facility in Griesheim, said district spokesman Stefan Weber of the FR. On the one hand, there are couples with children who go to school in Griesheim or who are cared for in daycare centers. In addition, people who have a job there could also stay in the city west of Darmstadt.

Most of the people affected by the closure are single men. The other refugees who can no longer stay in Griesheim will be offered accommodation in Pfungstadt, Weiterstadt, Bickenbach, Erzhausen and Seeheim-Jugendheim, according to Weber.

The closure of the Griesheim shared accommodation is also due to the continued decline in the number of referrals. In doing so, the district is following its strategy of “reducing expensive vacancies, reducing excess capacities in communal accommodation and at the same time taking the needs of the refugees into account”. Building B5 is mainly divided into rooms for three people. A subdivision into smaller residential units since structurally not possible. In total, the district still operates 87 accommodations in which 1637 people live. The district is currently assigned three refugees per week, mainly from Syria, Turkey and Afghanistan.

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Nina Corsten from the Griesheim Asylum District said that there was basically nothing wrong with the closure because the accommodation was “in a very bad condition”. However, because the care workers considered a “human-friendly implementation of the move” in the next six weeks to be “too ambitious”, the asylum district left a working group with the refugee office in protest. One will not take part in the “hasty and forced large-scale move”.

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