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Prince William and Princess Catherine They married in 2011, but their first official portrait painting was not completed until 2022.

The work was pulled from the cover last week at the Fitzwilliam Museum, and a painting in Cambridge can be viewed by fans at any time. The princely couple admired the handiwork of painter Jamie Coreth last week. People were divided on the end result, although it received a lot of positive criticism, but others did not like the image, and it was voiced.

The portrait painting of Princess Catherine and Prince William received cold and warmth

The painting was also posted on the Internet, so even those who do not have the opportunity to visit the museum could take a closer look at the finished work. The royal family’s Instagram page received a number of positive reviews: “What a wonderful job, I suddenly thought it was a real picture!” “Magical painting, the artist did a fantastic job!” “It’s just perfect,” they said.

Not everyone was impressed with the creation, the Daily Express gathered the opinions of dissatisfied people:

“Catherine looks like a strange, boring baby, this portrait doesn’t reflect her inner charm. The real Princess of Cambridge cheers everyone up with a radiant smile,” quoted An Wilson, a Daily Mail critic, as saying. is known as William’s wife in the painting.

Rachel Campbell-Johnston, who writes for The Times, also criticized the picture, saying the princely couple in the painting looks like two mannequins standing next to each other. There’s nothing natural about them: “If you wanted to see them in a copy, you’d probably do better if you went to Madame Tussauds,” he concluded.

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