The space agency's Rover Curiosity has been roaming the rocky surface of the red plant since 2012 and has created a panoramic image of the Martian surface that gives it an attractive appearance around the rover. A post on the NASA blog describes that the image has sky overcast, darkened by a global dust storm that fades.

We can even see the rover in the picture below with a layer of dust on its surface. The opportunity that complements Curiosity was caught in the same storm on the other side of the Red Planet, and conditions are worse, according to Gizmodo.

NASA executives have put the occasional rover in a hibernate mode to save its energy because the rover can not get enough sunlight to charge itself due to a dust storm. It's not yet stated that if the agency gets the Rover back on track, Curiosity is fine.

The image with a panoramic view of the Red Planet was taken on August 9th. It became clear that the Rover Curiosity is currently in the Vera Rubin Bridge. According to Ashwini Vasavada, scientist, Project Curiosity, Jet Propulsion Laboratory, NASA, the composition of Ridge Rock is completely different.

Just before the planet's panoramic image was taken, Curiosity has collected a stone sample that is considered a minor victory compared to its last two failed attempts. The rocks, which are unexpectedly difficult to drill, are the cause of the failure of the last two trials, but the rock sample helps researchers find out what makes concrete strong on the planet.

NASA says users can now have a 360-degree imaging experience from YouTube of the new panoramic image of the Red Planet from Curiosity Rover.


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