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from Aldo Grasso

“Dancing with the stars” seems to be the ideal program to give body (dance) to all the theories of Tommaso Labranca

I no longer remember who in the series “Hollywood” says such a phrase: success is achieved by ordinary people who, however, have extraordinary determination. It is a phrase that remains with you because it is true, it also works in universities. Milly Carlucci is anything but ordinary (since the days when Arbore sent her around on skates) but, over time, she has made determination her workhorse, so much so as to conceal any other dowry. “Dancing with the stars” (Rai1, Saturday) is a catch-up program, one of the many on TV, such as “The island of the famous”, “Such and what” or any other format to which the “vip” stamp can be added . Just as the school tries to organize (in vain) didactic interventions for the recovery of cognitive deficiencies by less gifted students, so the TV prepares remedial courses for declining characters, shadow politicians, former footballers, singers who have sung a single song (and he succeeds very well).

Determination comes out not so much in the choice of guests (yes it’s true, Al Bano was courted for twelve years, but the line of participants is long), as much as in the composition of the jury. Only one competent (Carolyn Smith), the rest is folklore, it is populism, it is turmoil, it is modern family, it is performing gender in prime time (whatever that means), it is jury and counter-jury (Bruzzone, Matano, Mussolini), it’s bickering. Jurors do not vote for the performance of the dancers, they constantly vote for themselves. “Dancing with the stars” seems to be the ideal program to give body (dance) to all the theories of Tommaso Labranca, from trash as a failed emulation of a high model to the ecstasy of pecoreccio. This is its singularity, perhaps involuntary in its outcomes but certainly the fruit of great resolve. We needed a determined woman, Milly Carlucci, Maria De Filippi dei Parioli.

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October 17, 2021 (change October 17, 2021 | 19:02)