Dani Martín – Concert Music Festival in Cádiz

After touring Spain and America with his successful tour ‘Great successes and small disasters’ in 2018, where he gathered more than 400,000 spectators, Dani Martín returns to the stage with his new tour in 2022.

After what we have lived, and what we have not been able to live, it no longer makes sense that the tour is called “Whatever I want.” We deserve to meet again with all the songs that have taken us to the places where we have been happy. And sing it all That is why the tour is renamed “How expensive is time.” We deserve it.


Front Stage and Track seats are general standing unnumbered tickets.

The Grada tickets are numbered. If more than one location is purchased in this area, they must always be purchased contiguously. You are not allowed to leave a seat free between purchases.

People with Reduced Mobility will be located in a specific area of ​​the venue, and must purchase the tickets reserved for Reduced Mobility. Maximum of one companion, who must buy the ticket called “Reduced Mobility Companion” and will be placed in a location attached to that of the person they are accompanying. The area where people with Reduced Mobility are located may undergo changes due to evacuation reasons.

The Sancti Petri Terraces have capacity for a maximum of 4 people at a high table and include the following services:

– VIP access

– A bottle of top brand liquor + soft drinks / or Bucket of beers / or Sparkling Wine Cellars Barbadillo / or Soft drinks

The Alma Terraces have capacity for a maximum of 4 people at a high table and include the following services:

– VIP access

– Dinner service: Starters, main course and dessert with menu Alma Restaurant (by Antonio Restaurant). Drink NOT included.

The VIP boxes El Cielo de Sancti Petri have capacity for a maximum of 6 people and include the following services:

– 2 parking spaces

– VIP access with personalized reception

– A bottle of champagne, open bar of local wines, beers and soft drinks

– Iberian assortment of jabugo, cheeses, canapés, hot catering service and homemade pastries

– Hostess service


The entrance to the enclosure implies accepting the hygienic sanitary norms marked by the BOE / BOJA in force and that, in case of any doubt, can be consulted on the BOE website.

Based on the safety, hygiene and health regulations in force at all times, as well as the restrictions and guidelines set by the competent authorities, Concert Music Festival reserves the right to modify the capacity and location of the seats at each event.

Minors under 16 years of age may access the concert as long as they are accompanied by a father, mother or legal guardian.

Minors under 16 and 17 must present the following authorization completed by their father, mother or legal guardian, along with a photocopy of their identity document (DNI), in order to access the venue. You can download the authorization here.