Daniel Bisogno reveals health problems and HIV scare

Daniel Bisogno spoke about the health problems that led to his hospitalization and revealed that he thought he had contracted HIV.

It all starts long ago, where I started to feel bad”, explained the conductor Daniel Need on his television program, after at the end of May was hospitalized in intensive therapy.

On June 2, he was dischargedBisogno was discharged and on June 8 he spoke with Pati Chapoy in Ventaneando about the obstacles you have had with your health, including a suspicion of having contracted HIV.

Currently, the driver is resting after his recent hospitalization, his fellow windowing they assured that It was not an easy process that Bisogno lived through:

“He has to stay a few days to finish landing everything that happened because it was not easy, they did not remove his tooth. What is happening is something really delicate and serious”.

What happened to Daniel Bisogno?

In conversation with his partner windowingBisogno spoke about the health problems that he has been experiencing for about three years.

A weight loss treatment

Daniel Need revealed that her health problems began when she began to lose weight through treatment from a specialist she met three years ago.

“Three years ago I met a nutrition specialist… from weighing 125 kilos, I came to weigh 92, we are talking about almost 40 kilos, I started to feel really good in the mirrorbut very badly outside the mirror”, Bisogno assured that at that time he had a serious health problem:

“I started to feel weak…suddenly a very strong scare came into my life, my sugar shot up. I didn’t give it importance, she came with this nutritionist and from there come physical and emotional changes in my life…”.

The driver assured that his discomfort coincided with his divorce and with some of his professional activities, such as the start of the work Lagunilla my neighborhood in which “several times I was on the verge of fainting from weakness And I didn’t know what it was.”

Bisogno revealed that it was at that time that his doctors recommended that he get the proof HIV to rule out the disease.

HIV test with false positive

Daniel Need He recounts that, after a season of presenting health problems, in all the medical examinations he underwent it came out that his defenses were down.

At first her doctors thought it was amoebas, but they asked her to have a liver ultrasound and a liver test. HIV (HIV).

To be done HIV test, Bisogno chose to go to a clinic with few people to avoid attracting attention; However, in that establishment they gave a false positive result.

“I did it at that time [la prueba] and then it was of a very low category, they give him gout and the person who attended told me ‘for us that is positive’. At that moment I started to cry…he spoke to the doctor and he told me ‘at what point did I tell you to go get tested there? Those tests are of the lowest category, ‘he told me’ come tomorrow and take the test here’”.

The driver then went to the medical center to be tested and, after a weekend of wondering if he would test positive, the result came back confirming that he did not have HIV: “I had nothing, absolutely nothing”.

What happens to Daniel Bisogno? Varices in the esophagus

At the end of May, the driver was hospitalized for liver disease caused by some varices in the esophagus. your classmates windowing They said the following about Bisogno’s medical problem:

“Some of them burst esophageal varices, they had to intervene to glue them and begin to link those that were about to burst ”. Despite that condition, Bisogno is currently in recovery.

The specialized site of Mayo Clinic explains that varicose veins are enlarged veins that form in the esophagus. This condition can block the flow of blood by a clot or fibrous tissue in the liver which, as a result, causes blood to go into smaller blood vessels which can rupture.

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