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Dark mode, windows on iPad: iOS 13 would be full of novelties

We will know all the news of iOS 13 during the WWDC which will take place the first week of June. If you want to keep the surprise, stop reading here, lock yourself up in a cellar without a 4G and come back to us in a few weeks. If not, 9to5Mac thinks we know what lies ahead and there are many, many new things. Fasten your belts, here are all the new things to expect from the site!

Pixure, an iPad app that offered a window-based interface that may foreshadow one of the new features in iOS 13.

Dark mode macOS mode Mojave

It was a long-time feature, it would finally come with iOS 13: a dark, standard mode in the system. Compatible with all iOS devices, it would work largely like that of macOS Mojave. This would be an overall system level setting, and all Night Mode compatible apps will also go into darker shades.

9to5Mac does not say if the dark mode can be activated automatically in iOS 13. This is not the case with Mojave, but maybe the version of iOS 13 will benefit from a setting similar to that of the night mode, with the ability to activate dark colors during the night only.

Dark Fashion Concept for iOS 13 (PhoneArena).

However, the site indicates that iPad apps that support the dark mode can also offer it on macOS by passing the Marzipan mill. It seemed logical, but it's better by saying it.

of the Windows cards on the iPad

Squeezed by iOS 12, the iPad would again be in the spotlight this year. According to 9to5Mac, Apple has largely revised the multitasking and iOS 13 would open multiple instances of the same app. If it was a Mac, we would talk about windows, but as it is an iPad, we will speak apparently of "cards".

Compatible apps would default to full screen, like today, but they would let you drag and drop content. We should be able to create multiple maps, overlay them and iOS 13 would add shadows to create a hierarchy between the top and the back maps. Just like macOS windows, in short.

The site adds that the implementation of iOS 13 would look like PanelKit. This open-source project already allows you to create windows on iOS and was used in the Pixure vector editor (video below). Its creator has since been hired by Apple, which is probably not a coincidence …

Even though each app might display multiple items in cards, you might not be able to display maps of different apps on the same screen, as you do on macOS. The site is not explicit on this point, but it seems that the screen sharing as it exists in iOS 12 would remain the basic solution to have several apps on the screen.

With iOS 13, however, it would be improved, even if the progress made is not very clear in the article of 9to5Mac. They evoke the ability for apps to display at any width, not just at currently set positions, but the sentence is about macOS … Is this a mistake on their part? In addition, each app in screen sharing could choose to display a dark status bar or a clear version. But a prioriit would not be so much to see which app is active (snif), but only to manage display problems.

Split Screen of iOS 12, with one of the basic positions, 75/25.

It would still be quite a novelty for the iPad, but it would not be the only novelty. Apple would have added a better solution to cancel than to shake the tablet in all directions, which has never been practical, and what is even downright dangerous with a 12.9-inch iPad Pro. With iOS 13, we should be able to put three fingers on the virtual keyboard, and go back to what we just did by sliding to the left. If you go to the right or to the left, you should be able to cancel and restore precisely the last actions.

This is not yet a universal solution, since it would be reserved for iPads and apps that display the virtual keyboard. This gesture should not be available to cancel the deletion of an email, for example, but it could also be used to cancel a change made to an image in a word processor. The site specifies that a tutorial should be displayed the first time we use the virtual keyboard of iOS 13.

Latest novelty specific to the iPad evoked by the site, Safari will (finally!) Systematically open the version for computers of a mobile site. Until then, it was possible, but you had to do it every time you opened a site, by touching and holding your finger on the reload button. With iOS 13, we should be able to decide once and for all that a site should always display the computer version.

Wikipedia is one of those sites that still want to open the mobile version on an iPad. With iOS 13, it will probably be finally old history.

New interface for volume change

" Finally ! Would not be enough yet for this other novelty of iOS 13 announced by 9to5Mac. The change of volume would no longer be signaled by a huge interface that covers the entire screen, and often pile-hair what you are trying to watch. The site does not describe what would replace this presentation inherited from macOS, but it is not the ideas that are missing, for example an indicator in the corner, as does Android.

Grumbl ūüė°

About macOS, the successor of Mojave would adopt the same interface in case of volume change. It makes sense, iOS had originally taken that of the Mac and consistency would be preserved.

Other novelties to predict

The default iOS mail client would have its first significant update for a while. According to the site, the messages would be automatically sorted into categories: advertising, travel, important … In addition, iOS 13 would add some functions that are often found elsewhere, such as the ability to indicate that we want to read a message later and find all the mails to read in a specific place.

Fans of custom fonts should appreciate this new feature: iOS 13 would greatly simplify the installation of its own fonts, with a management interface in the Settings app. Apple would accompany this novelty of new bricks for developers: a new font selector and management of missing fonts when opening a document.

The collaboration would be simplified with iOS 13, since the sharing system of the office suite of Apple would be available to all developers. Specifically, an app could offer the same collaboration tools as Pages, Keynote or Numbers, probably via iCloud's servers.

New gestures would make it easy to select multiple items from a list. On iPad, we could even "draw" a selection area, as is done on a Mac with a mouse.

Already long, the list given by 9to5Mac do not stop there, other novelties are still mentioned:

  • the improved "Siri" feature to better detect common mistakes such as laughing or crying babies;
  • better support for multiple languages ‚Äč‚Äčfor keyboards and dictation (maybe we can configure multiple languages ‚Äč‚Äčwith one keyboard – no more info on this);
  • more complete print controls.

With so many details about the new products, 9to5Mac has probably gotten hold of an alpha version of iOS 13, or in any case saw it running. And the site does not talk about the new home screen that previous rumors evoked, perhaps because this feature was not yet ready in the version they tested.

We should not be bored this year!



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