Dark Souls “sequel” has a date (just before Elden Ring)

The saga of Dark Souls has been able to carve out a place in the heart of the community, thrilling large numbers of players to its atmosphere dark and its fascinating lore.

The From Software title born from the mind of Hidetaka Miyazaki continues to win new fans and surprise old fans of the series, thanks to a world full of hidden secrets.

The latest noteworthy discovery is represented by a shortcut that allows you to access one of the last areas of the game, which came to light ten years after its launch.

The Japanese software house is currently working on Elden Ring, expected on the shelves on January 21, 2022 and fresh from a series of details provided by George RR Martin.

The immortal charm of dark fantasy

The title returned to show itself at the Summer Game Fest 2021 after a long period of absence, but the wait until the first month of next year still appears. very long.

In an effort to mitigate its scope, some fans have decided to make a real one available sequel (in the form of a mod) of the first chapter of Dark Souls, originally launched in 2011.

The title of the project (in development for some time) is Dark Souls Nightfall, and the developer team described it as “a sequel direct of the original episode ».

Nightfall will include a new story, a game map totally unpublished and a combat system modified for the occasion, which will deviate (it is not yet known how much) from that appreciated in the progenitor of the franchise.

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Today the following was published trailer, accompanied by a launch date scheduled for 21 December 2021, just one month before the release of Elden Ring (via PCGamesN):

The characters in the title will be dubbed and the mod will be playable exclusively through Dark Souls Remastered (despite increased modder support for Dark Souls Prepare to Die Edition).

In short, if the wait for Elden Ring it is making you suffer, and if you have any doubts about its level of difficulty, you can entertain yourself with Dark Souls Nightfall and discover his new combat system.

Staying on the subject of “expansions” of the franchises (by the hand of fans or not) it seems that the next From Software title could open up to other mediums not necessarily linked to the videogame world.

If your nostalgia for the game doesn’t subside, you’ll be happy to take a look at Bleak Faith, action RPG that will make you remember the Miyazaki saga.

To keep yourself busy waiting, you can consider buying Dark Souls Trilogy at the price proposed by Amazon.