Darts: Price defends headphone action against Clemens

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Now the Welshman has spoken about his action for the first time – and defended it. “I don’t regret it. I had to try everything to concentrate,” he explained in an interview Online Darts TV adding, “I tried them out in training for two or three days and they were perfect for me.”

He even described the ex-world champion that he would resort to this unusual means again: “Whatever I can do to get the best out of myself, I will do.”

The reaction of the audience should play a major role in his decision. He hasn’t been the most popular player on the tour for years and is unlikely to be in the future. Finally he criticized the audience in Alexandra Place harshly: “The crowds were terrible at this tournament. It was like that when I wore them and it’s like that every year.”

“That was very disappointing. I’m here to win. I’m not there to get to the semifinals, finals or any other phase, I’m here to get the trophy,” he said plainly.

However, he now wants to bake smaller rolls and think from “tournament to tournament” and not to set any goals “that are too far in the future”.

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