Date, time and place of the event in Chile

Everything is ready for a new Pokémon Go Community Dayan unmissable panorama for any player of this popular augmented reality saga.

This was disclosed by Nianticwhere they expressed all the necessary coordinates, in addition to making known what the main Pokémon will be.

Even, in case you are far from the place where it will be done, they will also be able to participate in virtual activities.

Pokémon Go Community Day in Chile 2023

As disclosed Nianticunder information from MouseIt is Saturday March 18 a new D will be madePokémon Go Community Guide.

The place will be Forest Park of Santiago between 2:00 p.m. and 5:00 p.m.. Regarding who will be the protagonists of the day, these are Slowpoke and Slowpoke Galar.

Regarding the latter, the Pokémon trainers will be able to capture his shiny versionwho will make his debut in the game.

Under the information of the aforementioned means, in case they cannot go in person to the DPokémon Go Community Daythey will still be able to participate in this.

“Trainers who are unable to attend Community Day in person need not worry, as they will still be able to participate wherever they are. Pokémon GO will enable virtual activations around the world so that Trainers can get more objects every time they spin a Poképarada ”, they assured from Niantic.

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