Dead Luigi Spagnol, the publisher who brought Harry Potter in Italy

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Had one of the most talented, creative, Luigi Spagnol, died yesterday in Milan aged 59, at the end of a long struggle against the disease, fought working until the end. Shy, but direct, always available to the dialogue, had the publishing in the blood, being the son of Mario Spagnol, discoverer of talents and great helmsman of the German troops, after having sailed between the most important Italian publishers.

With Stefano Mauri of Gems, the publishing group Mauri Spagnol in the name he had inscribed the double root of the family, had divided the roles in a totally natural way. While the vocation of Mauri was the management, Spagnol had followed his creative temperament, from the editor, which she read and selected personally the works of Italian and foreign authors. He was vice-chairman of the Gems and the president of the publishing houses that had the majority of his family, Salani, Ponte alle Grazie, brands for children, Ape Junior, North-South, The ladybug, a life in music:.

The combination of intuition and craft which characterized him, the ability to reconcile the sophistication of the personal taste with the speed of the realize the potential — also popular — a history, had allowed him to do some of the hits of the most successful of contemporary publishing.

To him we owe the acquisition in Italy, in 1997, of Harry Potter, diamond tip for Salani, a title rejected by other major publishers. The first volume, of which buy the rights for ten million lire even before the Uk release, it had a circulation of 24 thousand copies: he Has won hundreds of millions of readers all over the world, why not had to the pleasure to me?, minimizing with her understatement.

But it was not only Harry Potter. Under his direction, Salani has developed a rich catalogue for boys with, among others, by David Almond, Jostein Gaarder, Roald Dahl, Astrid Lindgren, Philip Pullman, Jacqueline Wilson, with the revival de The Porcupines, the necklace created by Donatella Ziliotto in 1987. With Ponte alle Grazie has published authors such as Margaret Atwood, Philippe Claudel, and David Mamet.

He also discovered various that first one million copies, from Word of Job, the bestsellers of the Nineties of Giobbe Covatta, the edition for children of the Story of a seagull and the cat who taught to fly Luis Seplveda, played by illustrations by Simona Mulazzani, up to the japanese lady of tidying up, Marie Kondo. Had launched Benedetta Parodi with her recipes cooked and eaten. On the other hand, was a cooking enthusiast and, among other qualities, he also had to be a good cook.

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