It is a clear victory: With about 63 percent, Dennis Hof has prevailed in the regional elections in Nevada in his district against a Democrat. He could now move to the lower house of the US state. Would not he be dead.

On October 16, Hof died, he was 72 years old. However, the names of candidates remain on the ballot in the US in such cases if the party does not nominate another person. In the end, a Republican Hof will probably take over – this is expected to be decided by a commission. This could also have been the reason why people voted for the dead: they basically agreed with his party.

One thing is clear: with Hof a dazzling figure drafted in the parliament of Nevada: The former gas station owner and later multiple brothel operator was quite prominent. He has repeatedly appeared on television, as a reality TV star but also about conservative channels such as Fox News. Again and again he was also in the criticism. The allegations: fraud to sexual assault. Himself saw Hof as a kind of mini trump. One of his slogans was: "I will fight for your weapons."

In the US Midterms not only a new House of Representatives and parts of the Senate have been re-elected. Decisions were also taken on some governor posts and state and local offices in some states.


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