Death of a positive septuagenarian at ENT hospital: “My father was not vaccinated against Covid-19”, says Adilsha Luximon

Vassoodev Luximon, 77, died at ENT hospital yesterday, Sunday, September 19. This inhabitant of Cassis, had been admitted there since Friday, September 17 after having tested positive for Covid-19 at the Dr AG Jeetoo hospital.

“My father was not vaccinated against Covid-19,” his daughter, Adilsha Luximon told RadioPlus at midday on Monday, September 20. Devastated, she speaks of a great loss for the family.

According to Adilsha Luximon, her father had epilepsy and suffered from heart problems.

In addition, the Ministry of Health has not yet confirmed whether the death of the septuagenarian has been attributed mainly to Covid-19.