The funeral of France Gall was celebrated Friday, January 12 in privacy in the cemetery of Montmartre. The singer died Sunday, January 7 at the age of 70 years. A last farewell was reserved for him in the presence of his family and close friends. Julien Clerc, former love of youth of France Gall, was absent but he wanted to pay tribute to him in concert at Longjumeau in Essonne. “It was a song that I wrote because she wanted to leave me, I wrote that so that she stayed, and it did not work at all,” he regrets in front of his public. Fans will have recognized Suffering by you is not suffering , a title of 1975.

Julien Clerc sent a last message to the singer with whom he shared five years of his life a few minutes after the announcement of his death. “France, we were 20 years old, happiness, sorrows, part of my life goes with you”, responded the interpreter of Women, I love you in a message posted on Twitter.

It was in 1969 that the two singers met at the Porte-Saint-Martin theater in Paris during the musical Hate . Love at first sight, but as the recalls Gala , Their liaison must remain discreet lest it displease the public to Julien Clerc , mostly female. Faced with this impasse and the impossibility of seeing their couple evolve other than in the shadows, France Gall took the decision to leave Julien Clerc in 1974. She married Michel Berger two years later.

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