Decisions overturned by video review decreased slightly in MLB

NEW YORK – Video reviews nullified 42.4% of scores reviewed by umpires during the shortened Major League Baseball regular season, down slightly from 44% in 2019.

The Boston Red Sox were the most successful team, winning disallowed marks in 10 of 13 challenges for 76.9%. The Chicago White Sox were second, successful in 8 of 11 challenges for 72.7%, followed by the Kansas City Royals in 7 of 10 (70%).

The Pittsburgh Pirates were the least successful with 2 of 11 (18.2%), and the Toronto Blue Jays were 7 of 25 (28%).

The Minnesota Twins had the most challenges with 28 and were successful in nine (32.1%). The New York Yankees and Milwaukee Brewers tied for the fewest with nine each; the Yankees were successful in five (55.6%) and the Brewers in three (33.3%).

MLB said Tuesday there were 468 manager challenges and 58 umpire chief reviews out of 526 total reviews over 898 games. Average review time was 1 minute, 25 seconds, up from 1:16 the previous season, when there were 1,186 manager challenges and 170 umpire chief reviews among 1,356 reviews over 2,429 games.

This year’s replays saw 104 confirmed scores (19.8%), 181 that remained (34.4%) and 223 canceled. Another 12 calls (2.3%) were for rule checking and six (1.1%) were for record keeping.

In 2019, there were 277 confirmed dials (12.5%), 463 that were maintained (34.1%) and 597 canceled. Nine additional calls (0.7%) were for rule checking and 10 (0.7%) were for record keeping.

The extended video review started in 2014.