Deli Serdang Police Chief Removes Position of Police Person Who Beats Motorist to Lie Down

Author Contributor Medan, Dewantoro | Editor Aprillia Ika MEDAN,

TRIBUN-VIDEO.COM – A video spread across a number of WhatsApp chat application groups on Thursday (14/10/2021) afternoon. The video shows a traffic police officer hitting a man on the side of the road allegedly in the Deli Serdang area.

Seen in the video with a duration of 1 minute 8 seconds, a man who had been sitting was hit with his right hand until he fell down by a police officer wearing a bright green vest with police writing on his back. The man in the jacket lay flat on the ground.

When the police officer walked away from him, the man got up and shouted the name of the animal. Immediately, the police officer turned towards the man and immediately hit him until he fell again.

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Other personnel seemed to be approaching at the same time as the arrival of a veiled woman accompanied by someone screaming as if she was about to cry. “This is my son,” said the woman, trying to wake the man who was lying on the side of the road. The two police officers had left him and one of them came back. The incident became a public spectacle.

Confirmed through the WhatsApp conversation application, Deli Serdang Police Chief Kombes Pol Yemi Mandagi confirmed the incident. “Yes, that’s true, sir,” he said, Thursday (14/10/2021) afternoon.

The police chief apologized to the victim and paid for the medical expenses. Yemi emphasized that even though the motorcyclist was at fault, the beating was not justified. “(For the incident) we went to the family and apologized for the incident. In addition, we also checked and treated Andi’s brother to the doctor,” he said. As for the unscrupulous members, his party took firm action. “Our personnel were removed from their positions and processed directly by the Polresta propam,” he said.

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