Delta mutation is also scary, but ‘more poisonous ones’ are coming… ‘Delta Plus’ discovered in UK, US and Israel

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Corona 19 delta follow-up mutation ‘Delta Plus’ appeared in the US and Israel following the UK, raising tensions among local quarantine authorities.
According to a briefing by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) on the 20th (local time), a new subline of the delta mutation, Delta Plus (AY.4.2), was discovered in the United States. Delta Plus is known to be 10 to 15% more contagious than the previous delta mutation.
CDC Director Rochelle Wallensky said: “We have confirmed that this delta sub-line exists in the United States, but there are no cases associated with a domestic outbreak.”
According to the CDC, there have been fewer than 10 cases of Delta Plus infections in the United States so far. In the United States, the delta mutation is the dominant species, accounting for 99% of all COVID-19 infections.
Recently, Delta Plus is expanding its reach, accounting for nearly 10% of infections in the UK. In Israel, where the booster shot inoculation rate has exceeded 30%, local quarantine authorities are tightening tensions over the appearance of a new delta mutation. In Israel, an 11-year-old boy who returned from Moldova on the 19th was infected with Delta Plus.
This is raising concerns as COVID-19 repeatedly mutates and increases its contagiousness. The alpha mutation, which spread rapidly around the UK last year, was 50% stronger than the original virus, and the Delta, which replaced it earlier this year, was 60% stronger than Alpha.
However, experts say that the new delta mutation is not a variable that will dramatically change the COVID-19 situation.
Dr Andrew Pollard, head of the Oxford Vaccine Group in the UK, told BBC Radio: “It is important, of course, to find new mutations through monitoring, but that doesn’t mean that new mutations are the next mutation to replace delta.”
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