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Almost 28,000 activity passes are currently in circulation in Linz. Anyone who earns less than 1,324 net per month may claim it, regardless of household income. FPÖ local councilor Zeljko Malesevic wants to raise the income limit to 1,500 euros in order to cushion inflation and increase social accuracy.

The number of active passes has grown significantly since they were introduced in 1989. Between 2008 and 2018, the number of active pass holders in Linz tripled. Although the number is now declining, around 20% of all Linz residents who are entitled to old age still have an active pass, but it is different in Graz and Vienna: only a little more than five percent of all Viennese people use the “mobile pass” there, the “social card” in their 30s % larger Graz is used by almost 13,000 residents.

The Linz Active Pass has been around for 32 years and offers various discounts to those in need. The idea boomed, and many people who were not really in need took advantage of the measure. The demand to tie the purchase of the active pass to the overall household income has been repeatedly rejected by the SPÖ in the past. So far, anyone with a monthly income of up to 1,324 euros net can apply for an active pass – regardless of the assets or income of their partner. 43% of active pass holders are foreigners.

“Increase income limit to 1,500 euros”
“It finally needs a reform of the active pass,” the Linz FPÖ once again demands with local councilor Zeljko Malesevic: “The active pass income limit should be increased to 1,500 euros net. In households with two or more people, the monthly household income should not exceed the net limit of 3,000 euros.”

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Knowledge of German as a requirement
If the FPÖ has its way, the increase in the income limit should be accompanied by parallel measures. The social accuracy of the Linzer Aktivpass must be improved. Fair award guidelines, such as the German language skills required by the FPÖ and a five-year main residence in Linz, should help, according to Malesevic. If these were to apply, a lot of money could be saved due to the active passes not being issued. “Especially in times of the current crisis, this money could be used to support the socially disadvantaged people of Linz.”

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