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Democratic Republic of the Congo: Ebola Virus Disease – Report on External Position 75 – Democratic Republic of the Congo t


From 6 to 12 January 2020, eight new confirmed cases of Ebola virus (EVD) disease were reported from the Mabalako, Beni, and Musienene Zones in North Kivu Province in the Democratic Republic of Congo. Of these cases, three were reported in the Beni Health Zone, where no cases were reported for 29 days, and one was reported in the Musienene Health Zone, where no cases were reported for 132 days. These four cases are linked to the transmission chain that joined the Aloya Health Area, Mabalako Health Zone, and were not expected without recognized links between Mabalako and Beni.

In the last 21 days (23 December 2019 to 12 January 2020), 36 confirmed cases were reported from 14 of the 87 health areas in seven active health zones in Northern Kivu and Ituri Provinces: Mabalako (36%; n = 13), Butembo ( 22%; n = 8), Beni (8%; n = 3), Kalunguta (14%; n = 5), Katwa (6%; n = 2), Musienene (3%; n = 1) Health Belts in North Kivu province and Mambasa (11%; n = 4) Health Zone in Ituri province. Almost half (17/36) of these cases were isolated three days or more after the onset of the symptom (including community death), which they did not know or were not contacted as contacts.

As of 12 January 2020, 3398 EVD cases were reported, including 3280 confirmed cases and 118 probable cases, while 2235 fatalities (overall 66% death rate). Of the total declared and probable cases, 56% (1907) were female, 28% (959) were children under 18 years of age and 5% (169) were health workers.


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