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After Gerard Depardieu gave an interview to a German daily, information broke out that the actor had returned to France and asked the authorities of his country for asylum. As it turns out, some of the media most likely mistranslated the Frenchman’s statement. No such statement was made in the original conversation; moreover, the actor emphasized in it that “he is still Russian.”

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In 2013, Gerard Depardieu received Russian citizenship. At that time, he called Russia a “great democracy” and Vladimir Putin a friend – recalls the website It seemed that the actor’s views would be changed by the Russian invasion of Ukraine – in April 2022 he even said in an interview with the AFP agency that

“The Russian people are not responsible for the crazy, unacceptable excesses of leaders like Vladimir Putin”


That’s why, when news broke over the weekend that Depardieu had left Russia and was “ashamed for this country” – according to these reports, he was also supposed to ask France for asylum – the media immediately picked up on it. Widely about the change that was to take place in the 74-year-old, Ukrainian media – but not only.

We also provided this information in the original version of the text.

As it turns out,

in an interview with “Augsburger Allgemeine Zeitung” such words were not spoken

– probably the actor’s statement was mistranslated or it was a deliberately published fake news, which was picked up by other Ukrainian portals (this is where an extensive quote from the interview appeared, which in fact does not come from it at all).

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“They don’t want to leave.” Such is everyday life in the shadow of war


Gerard Depardieu on the war in Ukraine. What he said?

So what did the actor say in an interview with the German media? – Nothing has changed for me. I’m still Russian. I love Russian culture. When I love a country, it’s always because of its culture. But

I prefer to avoid talking about it

(wars in Ukraine – ed.), no one is able to say anything really sensible about it! Nobody! he stressed.

Asked about a statement posted earlier online – in which he called the war “fratricidal” – Depardieu cut the subject short. – I really hate mixing politics and acting.

I don’t want to say more on this than: war is a lot of nonsense

he ended the conversation.

In the past, Depardieu spoke positively about the Russian dictator, and he took citizenship because of his sympathy for Russia and the high taxes he had to pay in France. After moving, the star even received a bonus from the Kremlin.

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Source:, “Augsburger Allgemeine Zeitung”

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