Details of the confessions of the Kasr Al-Aini security agent in throwing oil on patients' seats


in time Which Staff within hospitals work to comfort and provide inpatient guests I draw A security officer at the old Kasr Al-Aini Hospital stripped all feelings of compassion and threw oil on the seats of the companions and parents. The patients, So do not They can Sitting on it, thinking it would throw my parents The patients And infected them outside Building the hospital.

That unhappy employee did not know that those Actors The gruesome will increase the hustle inside the hospital Even the people and companions sat The patients In the roads is crowded Hospital, because of his mocking, and even a companion broadcast a video from inside the hospital To reveal sin That employee to end up He did it inside the prison walls.

The beginning was to do One Persons Posting a video clip on the social networking site Facebook that one of the administrative security staff of the old Kasr al-Aini hospital threw oil on the seats waiting for patients to not sit on them, and the consequence of heavy traffic and patients sitting on the ground, it was not one of the inmate filed a complaint against him At the security office and published that video, which was condemned by many pioneers of the social networking site.

Immediately the security services moved to the indicated location and the suspect was arrestedFace it The administrative security officer in the old Kasr Al-Aini hospital admitted to the incident of throwing oil on waiting benches for patients not to sit on them.

Prosecutors listened to the statements of officials of Kasr Al-Aini Hospital in the incident of throwing oil on the waiting seats, in which two employees and an administrative supervisor were accused of committing the incident. And discharged.

The prosecution also listened to the statements of the defendant who confirmed that he worked as a security officer in the hospital's obstetrics and gynecology department.The day of the incident witnessed a huge crowd between citizens, some of them patients and some of them parents.When they were asked to leave, especially after many of them entered to sign the visit and visit, they refused to leave and a big fight broke out.

The defendant added that he found a jerry can with "car oil" on the ground and poured it on the waiting places to force them to leave. Investigations revealed that one of the inmates had filed a complaint against him at the security office.


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