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DI-RECT and Residentie Orkest release single: ‘Great song’

by archyw

Donders only heard the end result himself last night. ‘I heard the song on YouTube last night at 2 past 12 and it is super good’, he says in West Wordt Wakker on Radio West. ‘I may sound surprised, but that is not the intention. But it is really, really good. The recording is great, the sound is good. It turned out to be a great song. ‘


The double bass player explains that he had no idea how the song would turn out. ‘It’s not new, but in part it is different than during recording. When you are playing you are completely in your own game, your own bubble with your headphones on. The end result is of course mixed and in totality it is really very, very different from when playing. I am really proud to have been able to participate in this. ‘

AFAS Circustheater

DI-RECT and the Residentie Orkest will certainly play the song during the joint concert that they will give from the AFAS Circus Theater on 1 May. ‘I have seen the set list and it contains all very nice songs’, Donders looks ahead. ‘I’m really looking forward to it. We start rehearsing a few days before and I’m really looking forward to it. ‘

Despite the fact that again there is no audience for the show. ‘I miss that, yes. It’s also getting worse, ‘Donders admits. ‘I became a musician to stand on stage and play in front of an audience. I am now on stage, because we also play a lot of live streams with the orchestra. But that is different. ‘

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Emotional Emptiness

Donders explains that he mainly misses the interaction with the audience. ‘Without the emotional connection with the audience, a lot falls away. Normally you give a concert and then you get applause at the end. Now you give a concert and you get nothing but an emotional emptiness back. I’m done with it, but that applies to many more people. ‘


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