Didier Drogba was the victim of a joke by a small Arsenal fan

Didier Drogba He is one of the most recognized African soccer players throughout the World. The ivory played in the Chelsea Between 2004 and 2012, he played 381 games, scored 164 goals and helped the club to be crowned with 14 titles, numbers that led him to become a legend of the de London. When the name of Didier Drogba comes out in a soccer talk automatically the striker is related to the blue shirt, because there is no club that means as much in the African’s career as the Chelseaalthough this situation did not matter to this little boy who played an ingenious joke on the ivory.

the charismatic Didier Drogaba He is recognized for being very kind to his fans. The footballer, now retired, has no problem taking a photo or signing an autograph if asked. Though this time, his kindness fell victim to the wit of a little teenager.

With the blue t-shirt Chelseaa boy about 12 years old approached Didier Drogba to ask him to sign his jersey, but the African never expected what was going to happen next. When the ivory was about to take a photograph with the little boy, he took off his garment. Chelsea and underneath he had on the club of which he was truly a fan: the Arsenal.

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Drogba I tried to simulate an anger when shouting, “My God… My God… How could you do that?”although he quickly joined the contagious laughter of the little boy who was hallucinating with happiness for having played a great prank on his idol.

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