Diego Fragnaud, Paraguayan roots and rising youth talent – Music

Diego Fragnaud, the son of two South American immigrants: a Paraguayan father and a Peruvian mother, is participating in the North American reality show Song House Live, a contest where every week each participant has to write and compose a song. The artist, who claimed to be a lover of Paraguayan traditions, also wants to conquer the hearts of this land.

With a natural talent for singing, the young Diego Fragnaud used digital tools to make himself known, as he gained a large number of followers on social networks such as Tik Tok, Instagram, Snapchat and Facebook. His most viral video was a cover of the song When I Look At Youby Miley Cirus, which has more than 15 million views on TikTok.

This cover even caught the attention of Cyrus herself, who contacted him by direct message from Instagram to find out where he lived. “Since the song talks about a kaleidoscope, Miley gave her that as a gift in a symbolic way, but it really means something very important,” said her father Eduardo.

After that success, Diego entered the studio to record said cover at InTune Recording Studio with fellow Paraguayan Dani Cortaza who worked on the sound and mixing, produced musically and played the guitar. In addition, Willy Suchar contributed sounds of piano, synthesizers and Rhodes, among other North American musicians.

Everything that happened since Fragnaud uploaded the cover to TikTok made him want to dedicate himself fully to music. In this sense, he has already recorded other covers of songs such as Say, by Ruel, Hold me while you wait, by Lewis Capaldi and Falling, by Harry Styles, and is currently promoting his original song Letter to Japan.

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Fragnaud mentioned that with his interpretations he seeks to “provide nostalgia, evoke emotions” by transmitting an “effusion” of himself. So after that video he teamed up with the Los Angeles-based studio Prophecy Productions, directed by Brett Pemberton, to record an EP with his own songs that will soon be released.

Currently, Diego is participating in a show called Song House Live in New York City in which, apart from him, other tiktokers such as Alec Chambers, A.ttis, Caroline Carr, Klondike Blonde, Olivia Boeyink and Tyler Brash compete. The show, in addition to being a reality show, is a contest where each week the participants have to write and compose a song. That song will go to a vote every weekend until there is only one finalist. The winner will be financed and sponsored for the recording of an album.

Diego, who said that he is a lover of Paraguayan traditions and especially “the tereré, the chipa, the mbeyú” and “of course the Paraguayan soup”, said that he would like Paraguay to know his talents that also have roots in our country. He invited people to see him from the page www.songhouselive.com where you can also vote for him. The show can be followed by various digital platforms searching Song House Live on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, TikTok and YouTube.

“If I win, I will go in person to Paraguay to thank all that they contributed to me,” said the musician, who also plays guitar and piano, and who has been in competition since July 21. A peculiarity of this reality is that it is broadcast 24 hours a day and at any time you can enter and see the contestants interact with each other, writing songs and singing. In addition, the production plans to make a documentary or miniseries about this contest.

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Song House Live It is a show endorsed by Billy Mann and Benton James, “two greats of American music who have worked with great artists recognized in the American and international musical circles such as P! nk, Celine Dion, Jonas Brothers, Ricky Martin. Also behind the production is Kato, a very prominent rapper and producer in the North American scene, as well as YoitsCrash, rapper, writer and composer who has worked with greats of American music such as Snoop Dogg, Ice Cube and Too Short “, he said. also his father Eduardo.

“Diego’s continuity is in helping Paraguay, and that every Saturday and Sunday they come in to vote for him. Diego hopes to have your vote and carry the name of Paraguay on high ”, added the Paraguayan.