Discovery responds to viewer criticism: “Sorry of course”

After the Olympics in London 2012, the subsequent games have no longer been able to be watched on television via SVT.

Instead of public service, commercial players have taken over, first Nent Group (2014–2016) and then Discovery, which in 2015 bought the rights to broadcast the Winter Olympics 2018 and 2022 and the Summer Olympics 2020 and 2024 for a cost of 1.3 billion euros (then about SEK 12 billion).

Barely a week has passed since the Olympics in Tokyo got off to a flying start with Sweden’s 3-0 victory against the USA in football – but Discovery has not been free from spectator criticism.

“At the beginning of the broadcasts, there were some minor technical problems, these were identified and remedied. Of course, we regret that some viewers were affected “, writes the channel’s PR manager Sanna Gollne in an email to DN.

On linear television, Discovery broadcasts Olympics on Channel 5, Channel 9 and Eurosport and digitally on the streaming service discovery +. On social media, the dissatisfaction has been evident among paying customers who in their posts to the channel, among other things, testified about technical problems on the platform and faint, unsynchronized sound.

In some broadcasts, the Swedish commentator voices have also disappeared in the middle of the broadcast, for example in Sweden’s handball premiere against Bahrain in the men’s tournament when the host Karin Frick together with the expert Ljubomir Vranjes took over from home in Stockholm.

“As with all live broadcasts, unforeseen technical problems can arise, but as I said, we continue to work very hard to minimize any incidents and to ensure that our Olympic broadcasts maintain a high standard,” writes Sanna Gollne.

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“Should a problem arise, it is our top priority to solve it as soon as possible, so as not to negatively affect the viewing experience of the Olympics.”

It’s like Discovery does not broadcast on linear TV from the Olympics can be followed on discovery +, but the sports that are not included in the channel’s main broadcast often lack Swedish voices. These competitions and matches are shown in silence or with an English-speaking commentator.

“Most of the Swedish highlights have Swedish commentary, and all linear broadcasts on Kanal 5 and Kanal 9 have Swedish commentary. Like the main broadcasts of Channel 5 and Channel 9 shown on discovery +. In addition, we have English commentary on other Olympic broadcasts on discovery +. So customers can choose to watch with Swedish commentary on the major events that are of most public interest, and English commentary on other Olympic broadcasts that are broadcast on discovery + “, writes Sanna Gollne.

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