Dispute with Prince Harry: Williams’ children are so hard hit

Since Prince Harry’s and Herzogin Meghans Withdrawing from the front row of royals, Harry and his brother William’s relationship is said to be strained. The two should hardly ever speak to each other. An insider has now revealed what impact the Sussexes’ move will have on their relationship with the Cambridge children.

William’s children “miss” their Uncle Harry

Apparently, it’s about Prince Harry’s relationship with his two nephews George and Louis and his niece Charlotte basically better ordered than many would assume. The distance and the tense family relationship with their uncle Harry should not go unnoticed by Charlotte, George and Louis.

According to an insider who is with Us Weekly spoke about Harry’s relationship with the Cambridge children, the children of Prince William and Duchess Kate love her uncle. However, the insider claims that the children will “miss Harry and Meghan Markle a lot” since they moved to the United States.