Diss against Jenny: Daniela Katzenberger is sharing again!

Diss against Jenny: Daniela Katzenberger is sharing again!

The dispute goes to the next round! For months, there is between the half-sisters Daniela Katzenberger (31) and Jenny Frankhauser (25) icy mood. After this jungle Camp many fans of the duo had on a reconciliation hoped. But despite benevolent words the cat seems to have a pronunciation of the two women still far off. On social media raises the cult blonde now namely serious allegations against the pop singer. In your Instagram Story now chats the cat about the current state of affairs between her and Jenny. The two probably still have no contact with each other. Nevertheless, the 31-year-old seems to pursue the career of her sister and what she sees and hears there, apparently she does not like: “I also see the interviews with my sister and I have to say that it sometimes seems to me that it’s a bit of a spoof of my interviews.” , Does the Jungle Queen imitate her older sister? However, this allegation does not let the 25-year-old sit on his back so easily. On their Instagram Account post the beauty a photo and writes: “You can not overtake anyone by following in his footsteps.” , This statement is almost certainly aimed at their celebrity relationship. So the fronts between the sisters still seem to be hardened. MG RTL D / Stefan Menne Jennifer Frankhauser, Jungle Queen 2018 display Instagram / danielakatzberger Daniela Katzenberger, reality TV star display Instagram / jenny_frankhauser Jenny Frankhauser, pop singer display Vote show result Tips for Promiflash? Just e-mail to: tipps@promiflash.de

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