Djokovic reveals the trick he used to get revenge on Medvedev

It is curious how the matches between Novak Djokovic and Daniil Medvedev They have become almost a game of chess, where one studies the previous moves of the other to know how to counterattack, to see the same on the other side, below. The Russian analyzed what happened in the final in Australia, to bring a new tactic in the final of the US Open. Nole, yesterday, had very well studied what happened in New York, to return to turn the tables.

Medvedev wanted to replicate the same tactic that worked so well at the US Open two months ago. This was based on subtracting from far behind, with deep, flat balls and without much force, to take time from Djokovic and promote a backhand to backhand game, being a wall from the bottom. It was difficult for the Serbian to find a way to score points, and hence he clearly lost in New York. Yesterday, everything was going to change.

This is the change Novak Djokovic made regarding the US Open final

In our analysis we discovered, with graphical tests and statistical data, the two changes made by the Serbian in the final of Paris-Bercy 2021. Novak influenced the open serves on the Deuce side, taking time away from Daniil and going up to the net. Throughout the match, Djokovic served 22 times, winning 19 of those points. He tried another 17 more (which were missing), so that, in total, Nole served 39 times serve-volley, a type of game practically of the last century.

Daniil did not manage to gain a track to counter this movement of the Serbian. He was not so accurate from the rest, one of Medvedev’s main weapons and, over there, the final was a bit unbalanced.

Later, in trades from the back, Daniil continued to promote a backhand trade, but Novak cleverly used the deep slice, so that the Russian had to duck and thus offer a much more attacking ball to Novak. The objective of the world number 1 was to move his rival to the side and be able to find an open court with his parallel backhand. It came out perfectly.

Novak Djokovic himself reveals what tactical changes he made

Asked by the foreign press, the Serbian recounted the changes he used regarding the US Open final. “I tried to take time away from Daniil, mix and vary my game. To serve-volley and open the court, because he places himself in the bottom from far away and puts a lot of debris inside ”, says Nole, in words collected by Tennis Head.

“He is very good at always being on point and making you suffer to force you to make a mistake. In this way, you have to apply controlled aggression. I managed to do it. I have been successful at the net, with those serves and volleys, trying to take time away from him. I wanted to surprise him, so he wouldn’t know what was going to come next and be a bit unpredictable. This is what you need to do against it. He likes the rhythm, the tempo. It doesn’t always work, but I think it’s the right plan, “he says.