DNA Pro Uses Ponzi Scheme, Victim Suspects There was omission from the Ministry of Trade


President Director (Director) of DNA Pro Academy Daniel Abe, who is already a suspect, admits to a robot company trading hers uses a pyramid scheme or a Ponzi scheme to the detriment of a lot member. The attorney for the DNA victim, Pro Yasmin Muntaz, suspects that the Ministry of Trade (Kemendag) has neglected this matter.

“Daniel Abe’s confession does not necessarily eliminate the element of omission that has been carried out by the Ministry of Trade and its staff. I speak on behalf of member who are really struggling at the moment, even some of them are desperate,” Yasmin said in a written statement, Saturday (28/5/2022).

Yasmin then questioned the process and verification of a company that wants to apply for a direct selling business license (SIUPL). According to him, DNA Pro, which already has SIUPL, should not use the Ponzi scheme.

“Has the verification been carried out correctly and strictly? Because, in order to get a SIUPL, a company must meet a number of requirements, including not being allowed to apply a prohibited marketing scheme (Ponzi scheme/pyramid scheme). A company that implements a Ponzi scheme, why can it pass SIUPL? It shouldn’t have escaped,” he said.

In addition, he also urged the Association of Indonesian Direct Selling Companies (AP2LI) as the MLM association (multilevel marketing), which houses a number of robot companies trading, including DNA Pro. He said that AP2LI needed to be asked for an explanation because they were involved in the verification process.

“In a post-published video of SIUPL DNA Pro, AP2LI declared DNA Pro legal. However, in early February 2022 (a few days after a number of robot companies trading discontinued its operational activities, including DNA Pro), AP2LI issued an appeal which at one point stated that the Association was not a guarantee institution for direct selling companies,” he said.

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“What is implied in the appeal which contains 7 points is that the association is not responsible for its members. An announcement that is late and seems hands off,” he continued.

Contradictions between CoFTRA and the Director General of Domestic Trade at the Ministry of Trade

CoFTRA, said Yasmin, stated that the robot trading should not be sold in MLM and declared illegal. However, on the other hand, said Yasmin, the Director General of Domestic Trade (Dirjen PDN) of the Ministry of Trade actually provides legality as well as MLM permits by issuing SIUPL for robot companies. trading.

“So there are contradictions in the same ‘house’, namely the Ministry of Trade. As a result of this inconsistency, people are the victims,” ​​he said.

Yasmin further said that the Ministry of Trade should immediately revoke the SIUPL DNA Pro because it has been abusing the SIUPL for years. With that, he urged Commission VI of the DPR to summon the DPN Director General of the Ministry of Trade and AP2LI to clarify this matter.

“Commission VI of the DPR RI needs to summon the Director General of Domestic Trade at the Ministry of Trade and AP2LI so that in the future there will be no more people who become victims as a result of neglect by the regulator,” he said.

Director of DNA Pro Apologizes

It is known that the Police Criminal Investigation Unit has named 14 suspects in the robot case trading DNA Pro. One of the suspects, Daniel Abe, who is the CEO of DNA Pro, apologized.

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“I’m Daniel Abe, I’m the President Director of DNA Pro, I apologize profusely to my colleagues, to my family, to my members, and I’ve been responsible for all of this until now,” Daniel said during a press conference at the National Police Criminal Investigation Department building. , South Jakarta, Friday (27/5).

Daniel said DNA Pro initially did not have a deviant trading system. However, said Daniel, as the members grew, the system that was owned was not ready so that a Ponzi scheme was created.

“Initially, the DNA Pro application was indeed very good. But it was growing rapidly for members and the unpreparedness of our system, then the pyramid scheme occurred. So indeed the pyramid scheme happened, and the pyramid scheme happened, the money did return to member ke member again, “he said.

Furthermore, Daniel admitted that he was the one who built DNA Pro until it ended up in the hands of the Criminal Investigation Department. He hopes other trading robots don’t end up like DNA Pro.

“Yes, I must also admit that DNA Pro is the company that I built, and I thank the Criminal Investigation Department and related parties who have helped so far. And lastly I want to say that the robot industry trading so that in the future we have to be even more advanced than now,” he said.

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