Do dairy products protect against cardiovascular disease?

Do dairy products protect against cardiovascular disease?

The Prospective Urban Rural Epidemiological Study (PURE for short) examined the effects of eating habits on cardiovascular disease among 136,384 people around the world. The researchers, led by Mahshid Dehghan from McMaster University, found that individuals who had a history of cardiovascular disease were at risk since the study began in 2003, regular milk products were consumed thereby strengthening the cardiovascular system. A milk product has been shown to be particularly effective in preventing disease.Leading tipHealth expert warns about milk – it is really dangerousWith yogurt to prevent strokeProbes from 21 countries were involved in the investigation, which among other things raised the typical consumption of dairy products. Accordingly, people from North America and Europe consumed most of these products, about four servings per day. In Africa and Southeast Asia, it was more common that not a single serving was eaten. As a portion, the researchers evaluated a glass of milk, a slice of cheese, a teaspoon of butter or a cup of yogurt. The latter was particularly beneficial to the health of the subjects: it reduced the likelihood of a stroke even more effectively than milk.
Much helps a lot: More dairy products for a strong cardiovascular systemThe researchers found that the participants who ate the most dairy products were least likely to suffer from cardiovascular disease as a result Among the diseases that could be prevented were severe cardiovascular diseases and strokes. However, the daily dose of milk did not help against a heart attack. Even those who put more emphasis on cheese, could not diminish the risk of disease and who enjoyed too much butter, even increased it.LesetippsExperten explain why we should eat more red meat & cheese againFitness-Food Yoghurt: In 4 steps: Yoghurt is doing itself! New StudyMilk should help with weight loss.

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