Do you study or work? 8 basic exercises if you spend many hours sitting

Sedentary lifestyle is one of the greatest enemies of health. The importance of incorporating a bit of physical activity into our lifestyle is a matter that goes far beyond the merely aesthetic. It is one of the best decisions we can make in terms of disease prevention and mobility problems. The benefits associated with physical exercise, backed by science, are innumerable and we simply cannot look the other way.

One of the main problems we face in our day to day is the number of hours we sit for different circumstances. Work, study and even leisure can cause us to spend a lot of time sitting and it is highly recommended to try to stay active. More, if we take into account that teleworking is here to stay and that the start of the academic year is just around the corner.

In this sense, it is extremely important to take a break every so often and we can take advantage of that rest to do some simple exercises. highly recommended muscle activation. In addition, these exercises can also be part of a warm-up routine before starting the training itself. Remember that the World Health Organization considers that 30 minutes a day of physical activity is the minimum required and it all adds up.

Heating and activation circuit

So we share a heating circuit, courtesy of Sergio Peinado, graduated in Physical Activity and Sports Sciences, personal trainer and one of the influencers of the moment in the field of fitness, which has a dual purpose: on the one hand, it serves as a warm-up before a physical routine and on the other, it is very useful as activation exercises for any time of day you need to get out of your chair.

8 basic warm-up exercises

It’s a routine ideal for heatingAlthough it also serves as a quick routine to activate the body when you have been working or studying for a while without moving.

The idea is to introduce some cardiovascular work, some mobility, core activation and preparation for strength.

  • Knees up without impact
  • Towel shoulder rotation
  • Static squat down
  • Heels back without impact
  • Side plank with knees
  • Knees up without impact
  • Lumbar bridge
  • Heels back without impact
  • Push-ups with or without knees
  • Squats

In this routine we need


  • 1st lap soft
  • 2nd half lap
  • 3rd most intense lap

How do we do it?

  • 10-20 seconds per exercise.

“Remember that warming up is important to maximize the performance of your workouts and also to decrease the risk of injury. I recommend that you do warm-up exercises like the ones described before you start training 100% ”, concludes Sergio Peinado.


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