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Donald Trump vs. Mullah AG – Morning Briefing

Good morning dear readers,

American presidential policy has omitted no folly in the Orient. She has turned Iraq into a war against the Iran driven, the Iraq fought in two wars and now wants to discipline Iran. Donald Trump goes head-on against the "Mullah AG"The leadership in Tehran and blocks their access to financial services. Affected by the new sanctions are the spiritual leaders Ayatollah Ali Khamenei and foreign minister Mohammed Sarif, But Chamenei's corporate empire – real estate and a conglomerate called Setad – is barely active internationally, which is why Trump maneuver fizzles. His gorilla tactics – threaten first, then deal – the Ayatollahkratie can calmly lead to the mind.

The Iran conflict is accompanied by a delicate meeting of the security advisor from Israel, Russia and the USA. In Jerusalem Today, it is about regional security policy. At the same time begins in bahrain a two-day conference on investment for the Palestinian territories to be raised (which will not become a separate state). The flow of money should be part of a US peace plan for the Middle East conflict, but nothing specific is yet to be seen. At a one-hour opening show that Palestinians' officials willfully ignore becomes Trump's son-in-law Jared Kushner occur, the replacement Metternich the family.

Jerome Powell is giving a speech in New York tonight.

(Photo: AP)

Theatrical thunder in the White House is too Jerome Powell concerned, head of the US central bank Fed. A long time ago Trump him with the idea that the interest should soon sink again. Tonight, Powell will be speaking in New York, watched attentively by investors who are waiting for a signal against all the sycophantic risks of the cocky geopolitans. Falling interest rates mean rising prices, this law love stockbrokers – and the mighty Fed Chairman will certainly send any signs of monetary easing. However, Trump will have to wait a bit longer for a proper monetary expansion of the Fed.

America's biggest problem is not the wisp of Washington, it's "The Great Decoupling". Thus, the technical term to the finding is that broad sections of the population are disconnected from asset growth of the country. In the past three decades, the wealth of the top one percent has risen by $ 21 trillion, the poorer half of the US Population however, has 900 billion less. That is why it is remarkable that now around 20 billionaires – among other investor George Soros, Walt Disney heirs, a Facebook co-founder – publicly calling, "Tax us stronger". No problem. But many of their super-rich colleagues like to steer clear of taxes, and then let them celebrate even more as financiers of social projects.

Online Banking is wonderfully uncomplicated for most, but risky on the other hand. The cooperative R + V insurance warns the Volksbanks of a "drastic increase in damage," according to a letter from our editors. Apparently use deceiver this often accounts at smartphone banks. Almost every fourth out of a total of almost 3500 customer complaints In the first half of the year online or direct banks would have applied, the Financial supervision BaFin, This rate of complaints 2018 was still just under 19 percent. "Counterfeiting differs from the original in that it looks more real," he wrote Philosopher Ernst Bloch,

Make a proposal for kindness Peter Wittig, Germany's Ambassador in London, in constant dispute around the United Kingdom and Gibraltar European Union membership referendum, In the future, a partnership of its own kind would be needed between the EU and the UK, a "Special Relationship", The diplomat explains. The Federal Republic could play the role of a forerunner. Once again Wittig on the British and the Germans: "Trade policy, we are more intertwined than others. We stand for the international liberal order one that is having an increasingly difficult time in today's world. " That sounds like a pact offer, which is almost a condolence letter.

Boris Johnson appears as the sure winner in the duel for the premier.

(Photo: AP)

Contributions to the world's hardship delivers in regularity Boris Johnson, Favorite for chairing the conservative party of Tories and thus for the office of prime minister in 10 Downing Street, After being in public campaign events has made rar and also the police due to high volume in the home of his young girlfriend Johnson has to make up points soon. This pressure causes the candidate to appear on five PR dates today and thus a "Media Flash" initiate. People should be taught in a public relations campaign that the Eton pupil just that mix of nonconformist, intrigue planner and populist is what the country desperately needs.

And then there is the world famous economist Robert C. Mertonwho in a Handelsblatt interview with the Silicon Valley clean up. The companies there believed they could "take the financial world by storm". This is based on the ambition that new technologies trustworthy – "Technology is not reliable in principle," he says Nobel laureate, Not even the Millennials dared the new technologies. All of us who fail as a "digital immigrant" can be completely reassured.

I wish you a breakfree day. It greets you warmly

Hans-Jürgen Jakobs
Senior Editor

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