Doomy Christmas parade: freed two days before committing his carnage

The motorist accused of killing 5 people while rushing into a Christmas parade in the United States on Sunday had been released a few days earlier after attacking a woman using the same vehicle.

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Darrell Brooks Jr., 39, who lives in Milwaukee, drove an SUV through the crowd, killing at least five and injuring 48, according to police and health officials.

US authorities said Monday he would be charged with five counts of homicide.

“The suspect was involved in a domestic dispute a few moments before the facts” and “there is no proof that it is a terrorist act”, clarified Daniel Thompson, the chief of the police force of Waukesha, that city in the state of Wisconsin where the tragedy occurred.

Among the injured, 18 are between 3 and 16 years old. Ten are in intensive care and six are in critical condition.

According to his social media accounts and court records, Darrell Brooks Jr. has the profile of an amateur rap singer with a long criminal history.

A similar incident

According to the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, he has been indicted three times in less than two years for recklessly endangering the safety of others, including on November 5, following an incident of domestic violence.

Always according to the Sentinel, in the most recent case, a woman told police that Brooks Jr. intentionally hit her “with his vehicle” as she was crossing a parking lot after a fight. The woman was hospitalized for her injuries.

Brooks Jr. was released from jail on Friday after posting $ 1,000 bond for the recent incident.

The Milwaukee County District Attorney said in a statement that the bond was “inappropriate” and too low for the nature of the charges and that his office was conducting an internal investigation.

Known victims

The 5 people who died in the attack were identified on Monday. They are Tamara Durand, 52 years old; by Jane Kulich, 52; of LeAnna Owen, 71; Virginia Sorenson, 79; and Wilhelm Hospel, 81 years old.

The Milwaukee Dancing Grannies, a dance troupe that participated in the parade, have confirmed that some of their members are among those killed and injured.

On Monday evening, members of the Waukesha community gathered for a candlelight vigil.

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