Doyna War – Announced dead, three hours later, Kadidia Samaké sneezes! –

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Her death was announced by the medical profession at the G-spot hospital where she is undergoing treatment for cancer that affected her leg. But that is not the case: the Malian basketball player Kadidia Samaké is alive and well.

Indeed, according to sources well introduced to the Department of Sports, the attending physician announced his death to the family who immediately alerted the Department of Sports. “The time to complete the administrative formalities at the blood services and while the health centers were busy sending the body to the morgue of the district at the request of the family, which took 3 long hours after being disconnected from the respirators, the brave Kadidia Samaké comes back, she sneezes and it’s a shock ”, confides a source consulted by Seneweb.

“She is not dead and we must quickly revive her again,” we say about the miraculous whose announcement of the death had been distilled in social networks.



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