Dozens of Republican Politicians Switch to Support Presidential Candidate Joe Biden

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia –

Dozens of former members of Congress United States of America from the Republican Party declared in favor of the US presidential candidate from the Democratic Party, Joe Biden.

It happened on the first day of the Republican National Congress which was held this week.

As reported CNN, Tuesday (25/8), among about 25 Republican politicians who turned to support Biden are former senator Jeff Flake and former member of the parliament from Pennsylvania, Charlie Dent.

Other Republican politicians who decided to support Biden were Steve Bartlett, Bill Clinger, Tom Coleman, Charles Djou, Mickey Edwards, Wayne Gilchrest, Jim Greenwood, Bob Inglis, Jim Kolbe, Steve Kuykendall, Ray LaHood, Jim Leach, Susan Molinari, Connie , Mike Parker, Jack Quinn, Claudine Schneider, Christopher Shays, Peter Smith, Alan Steelman, Jim Walsh, Bill Whitehurst, and Dick Zimmer.

Even so, the incumbent Donald Trump is still considered popular with the Republican Party.

Dent said he decided to support Biden because he was disappointed that the Republican Party had paid too much attention and began to depend on Trump’s figure.

“A lot of former members of Congress are unhappy with the party course. We understand politics is dynamic. However, when they change they should be for the better. And I think it’s natural for me to be concerned that Republicans are too supportive of Trump. I think there are concerns about nativism thinking,” protectionism and isolation, “said Dent.

A number of Republican politicians who have supported Biden include former Ohio Governor John Kasich and former Secretary of State Colin Powell. The two of them even made speeches at the Democratic National Convention last week.

However, Trump campaign team spokesman Tim Murtaugh said support for Biden from a handful of Republican politicians meant nothing.

“Joe Biden is a form of failure in Washington for half a century. So it’s no surprise they are trying to protect themselves. Support for President Trump has been overwhelming, over 95 percent, both among Republicans and sympathizers and Biden’s constituency base such as Afro-American, Latinos. as well as the union, “Murtaugh said.

US presidential election voting will be held on 3 November. Competing candidates are Donald Trump-Mike Pence from the Republican Party, Joe Biden-Kamala Harris from the Democratic Party, and Jo Jorgensen from the Libertarian Party.


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