Dr. Del Ben “seven out of ten people” hospitalized in intensive care and ‘regularly vaccinated and with Green pass. – CorriereQuotidiano.it

On the pages of the Corriere della Sera, we read the alarm raised by Giuliano Del Ben, general manager of the Hospital of Padua, the doctor explained: “We are at 38 hospitalized, of which 18 in the medical area, eight in Geriatrics, two in subintensive care and 10 in intensive care, but what worries me is not so much the total number as the 21 hospitalizations made only in last seven days, or triple compared to the previous week: it is one of the highest figures in recent months “.

De Ben explained that the average age of the patients has risen, reaching 72.2 years, but the thing he stressed is how most of the people admitted to intensive care, even “Seven out of ten”, is regularly vaccinated and in possession of the Green pass. The confirmation of the fact that the vaccine is not enough to protect oneself from the virus. And that binding the freedom of Italians to administration risks having very dangerous effects: it makes people believe they are safe when, in reality, they are not.

Source: https: //www.ilparagone.it/attualita/covid-7-vaccinati-su-10-ricoverati-in-terapia-intensiva-lallarme-dagli-ospedali/

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