A great joy awaits the girl on the night of her wedding, and doubles if she is a Miss where the title prevents her from the official link throughout her term, and if we talk about it in Egypt will come in front of Elham Wagdy, Miss Egypt, the former and most celebrated titles of the world where they harvested at least 9 titles worldwide, which celebrated her marriage on Saturday night, one of the wedding halls overlooking the Nile amid the joy of family and friends, and reveals "the seventh day" scenes of the marriage, which caused a stir in the artistic center to announce the engagement a few days before.

The wedding of Elham Wagdy, Miss Egypt

The bride dress is used by a friend

Bride wedding dress is the most important characteristic of the night of life, and the bride spends months and months in the search for what she likes, if you do not find it go to those who design it and take it to the fullest according to her vision, while some see that the wedding dresses are expensive and have to rent to reconcile the situation But the matter with the beauty queens and the stars of the society is very different where they spend large amounts on it, but inspiration surprised the audience with a long dress, asked her on the seventh day of his designer to say, "This dress of my friend Rania, I did not need much.

The bride lights the concert with a "kiss" in the way of Sherine Abdel Wahab

A kiss in the way of Sherine Abdel Wahab and Hossam Habib

The bride recalled the kiss of the artist Sherine Abdel Wahab to her husband Hossam Habib, by kissing her boyfriend in the same way, and some considered this kind of makayida for women, where it was repeated in the artistic center that the inspiration for close friendship with Hossam and spread the rumor of their association, The photos she collects from the social networking sites Facebook after his marriage a few days, and her marriage four months later.

Sherine 's Kiss

The wedding organizer reveals his scenes

Some believe that the wedding of Miss Egypt took months to come out perfectly, but Islam Adel, the wedding organizer, told the "Seventh Day" that the ceremony was organized in just four days, and asked him to inspire her wedding in an open place overlooking the light, On the need for the presence of lighting hanging in white.

Elham Wagdy and her bridegroom and editor of the seventh day

The groom tells a story you know about Miss Egypt

Rami, who owns several beauty salons, recounted the story of their love, explaining that the beginning of her knowledge of inspiration was a year and a half ago at the beginning of her wedding. She wanted to coordinate the beauty part with him, which he developed to admit to his love a few days ago, However, Ilham said she did not want to make official contact until a few days before the wedding.

Elham Wagdy and her husband

The wedding was attended by a number of stars of art and singing, including singer Rami Sabry, artist Ahmed Jamal and media Mariam Amin, singer Yasser Adawiya, where Rami gave a number of songs congratulations to the bride and Ahmed Jamal, and also sang Yasser Adawiya.



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