Drinking rum is good for you: here are its benefits

The rum it’s one of the most popular liqueurs in the world, and for good reason. It is the main ingredient of many delicious tropical fruit cocktails, including daiquiri, mojito, piña colada, mai tai. Its sweet and pleasant yet strong and bold flavor comes from fermented and distilled sugar cane juice or molasses, reports Paste Magazine.

For centuries people have been wondering about potential benefits of rum for health. And while not all rums are the same (the darker the rum, the longer the fermentation, for example), there are some varieties that have sparked the debate as to whether the drink itself is actually healthy.

Many rum loyalists swear by the effects benefits it has on the body and brain, obviously if consumed in moderation. It’s about finding the right fit, as in all things. For example, a single shot of rum contains less than 100 calories, which is much less than other liqueurs. Rum is also free of carbohydrates and fats, at least until you have a cocktail.

But how does rum affect the body? According to Health Benefits Times, rum (again, within reason) has proven to be one potential cure for peripheral heart disease and prevents blockage of arteries. Several studies have also shown that rum consumption can help reduce cholesterol levels, keeping diabetes at bay, Verywell reports. It is also believed that drinking a sip or two of rum can help relieve the common cold due to its antibacterial and antimicrobial properties. Rum can be used as antiseptic and as a remedy for muscle aches.

However, it is still important to consult a doctor or healthcare professional for the most reliable advice on the matter.

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