driving license kuwait: Driving license goes digital in Kuwait; No more holding a license

Kuwait City: Drivers in Kuwait should no longer be under the impression that they do not have a driver’s license. It can be downloaded and used on mobile phones. This has been made possible by the decision of the Department of Transport to digitize driving licenses and vehicle registration documents in the country.

On the model of Kuwait Mobile ID

The department is planning to digitize the driving license and vehicle registration card on the model of Kuwait Mobile ID, the digital version of the Kuwait Civil ID. The traffic authorities have come forward to digitalize the driving license and registration card in a similar manner in view of the public acceptance of the Kuwait Mobile ID application and its successful implementation.

Advise to bring new app

According to the Al Rai newspaper, the authorities are considering incorporating the driving license and registration card in the Kuwait Mobile ID, the digital version of the existing civil ID, or designing another mobile app specifically for them. This eliminates the need to keep both in card form. The newspaper quoted officials as saying that expatriates would benefit as well as locals. The Traffic Department will provide inspection officers with the best technology to verify and verify these digitally.

Arrangement to send message about violations

These make it easy to detect traffic violations and notify app vehicle users right away. Traffic violations will be reported as an SMS to the mobile. This will make the offenders more aware and alert them by immediately reporting violations. The fine may be included in the message along with the message stating the place, time and nature of the offense. According to officials, this will make the process of levying fines faster and more efficient. Digitization will also help simplify auto insurance procedures. The new move by the traffic department is part of the government’s announced policy to make maximum government services paperless.

Illegal use of licenses will be prevented

Authorities hope to find fake driving licenses in the country. Earlier, there were complaints that tens of thousands of expatriates were driving with expired or illegal licenses. Kuwaiti law states that a driver’s license obtained in connection with a special work visa will be invalidated upon change of that visa. But many do not follow it. Complaints have been raised that student license holders are still using the license after the expiration date. With the digitization, the authorities also aim to curb the illegal use of licenses.