Drowned in the blood of the massacre, Morocco tries to implicate its entertaining neighbor in the Mediterranean Games

Por Lehbib Abdelhay

Madrid (ECS). – Cornered by international pressure and outrage over the massacre committed at the Melilla border against sub-Saharan immigrants, and which has left nearly thirty fatalities after the documented intervention of the Moroccan gendarmerie, Rabat performs a usual contortionism to blame the tragedy his regional enemy at a time when the Security Council will investigate the scandal. It should be remembered that the Spanish president pointed to Morocco as the protagonist, citing “well resolved” despite the violence displayed.

Drowned in the blood of the massacre, the Moroccan regime tries to involve its entertaining neighbor Algeria in the Mediterranean Games in Oran 2022.

Rabat assures that it “deplores the drama” that occurred on Friday in Melilla, when dozens of sub-Saharan migrants died after being violently attacked by Moroccan gendarmes while trying to enter Melilla.

In a statement sent by the Moroccan embassy in Spain, collected by El Periódico, it is ensured that the sub-Saharans infiltrated through the border with Algeria, taking advantage of the deliberate laxity of the country in the control of its borders with Morocco.

“On the day of the events, they went, not towards the classic fence, which separates Morocco from the city of Melilla, but towards the so-called “bario-Chinese post”. “This post has four narrow corridors, and the massive influx of attackers in these corridors caused an avalanche,” the embassy said in its statement.

It should be noted that one of the survivors of the massacre stated that it was the Moroccan gendarmerie who encouraged them to jump over the Melilla fence. This Sudanese migrant affirms that it was the same Moroccan police who invited them to jump the Melilla fence “they told us to let us pass”, he adds.

This reaffirms what we all already know, that Morocco uses these people as a form of political pressure against Spain.

“The extreme violence of the assailants and the strategy of the assault”, affirms the Moroccan legation in Spain, “denotes a high sense of organization, a planned progression and a hierarchical structure of seasoned and trained leaders with profiles of experienced militiamen in conflict zones “.