Drunk Rick Brandsteder denied flight

Rick Brandsteder was spotted at Malaga Airport yesterday. According to bystanders he had a glass in his hand and he was completely drunk. “He begged to be allowed to come, but he was refused,” Yvonne Coldeweijer reported on Instagram.

Rick Brandsteder wanted to catch the plane back home from Malaga yesterday morning. But before he arrived at the airport, he was said to have partied all night.


“He swung through the entire departure hall,” Coldeweijer writes on Instagram, which shares images of Brandsteder at the airport. “With glass in hand. Shitfaced.”

Bystanders also saw him standing at the gate. “He begged to be allowed to come, but he was refused. The spy thought he might have had the flight before that, but he had missed it. According to the spy, he looked like he had made it through the night before.”

‘Party every night’

The fact that the presenter likes to have fun became clear recently when a rumor circulated about his time at Expedition Robinson. In the coming season Rick will take over from Kaj Gorgels. But on the island he would have mainly occupied himself with other matters.

“Rick Brandsteder had a great time as the new presenter of Expedition Robinson,” Juicechannel reported. ,,He shared the bed with several colleagues from the crew. He didn’t care who it was or how old it was, it was a party every night with a different lady.”