Due to the Ban on CPO Exports, FFB Prices in Babylon Free Fall, Don’t Become Dead Rats in the Rice Barn

BANGKAPOS.COM, BANGKA — Since President Joko Widodo (Jokowi) announced a ban on the export of cooking oil raw materials, the price of fresh fruit bunches (FFB) of palm oil in a number of areas has plunged immediately.

Including in Bangka Belitung Province, the price of FFB before the export ban was Rp. 3,400 per kilogram but, this morning, Thursday (19/5/2022) it was only Rp. 1,400 per kilogram at the farmer’s price.

“When we first harvested before the export ban reached 500 kilograms, we got more than IDR 2 million. But now it’s only IDR 800 thousand, the FFB price decline is very far. This has had a huge impact on us oil palm farmers,” said Yanto, an oil palm farmer from Jeriji Village, Bangka. South, to, Thursday, (19/5/2022).

He hopes that the government can stabilize the price of FFB, so that it can help low-income farmers who need a lot of money to maintain their oil palm plantations.

“We hope that prices can stabilize again. Since fertilizer prices are now expensive, how about cheap FFB prices, farmers can lose money. Hopefully this can be considered and evaluated by the government by issuing the latest policy to stabilize FFB prices again,” he ordered.

Separately, the Acting (Pj) Governor of Bangka Belitung (Babel) Ridwan Djamaluddin, responded, regarding the current issue, related to the condition of oil palm prices in Babylon.

Ridwan admitted that he had not explored the issue specifically. But he understands developments on the field. “I have not studied specifically, but I understand developments in the field, we see it must be two-sided. One is in the national interest, the president has firmly stated the export ban, so that domestic needs cannot be fulfilled,” said Ridwan.

The man who was born in Muntok, West Bangka, added that uncontrolled exports of CPO and cooking oil raw materials will lead to a shortage of cooking oil in the country.

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“Because with uncontrolled exports, we lack cooking oil, don’t be a dead rat in the rice barn. So the two of them have to walk together,” said the Director General of Mineral and Coal at the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources of the Republic of Indonesia.

It is said, Ridwan, that the two sides must go together, namely the need for domestic cooking oil cannot be fulfilled. Meanwhile, if the farmer’s need for sales progress is not good, it will be evaluated later.