Duel: “You go to school in America and you don’t know!” – Hungarian grammar caught Eveline Gáspár’s attention

A A duel on last night’s show, the couples had to carry a weight that they could drop if they managed to count how many spelling mistakes there were on the boards in front of them. Gáspár for the Evelins they had trouble with the task, and although they managed to say the correct number in the end, they were not satisfied with themselves and even argued with each other about it.

“You go to school in fucking America and you don’t know that!”
“I could never write correctly!” So what am I?
“You are the educated woman, not me!”
“Well, I told you it wouldn’t go so well.”
“You went to twenty schools abroad…”
“Stop saying that to me, because it’s disgusting.” You know?

sounded the exchange at the end of which Attila Varga he moved closer to his partner to hug her, but Gáspár Evelin did not ask for this.