Dupont-Aignan wants to “dialogue” with Philippot, Wauquiez and Mariani

Dupont-Aignan wants to “dialogue” with Philippot, Wauquiez and Mariani

Nicolas Dupont-Aignan wants to ” chat “ with the responsible LR as with the national Front. On France 3, Sunday, July 2, the president of Standing the France referred to the names of Laurent Wauquiez and Thierry Mariani, but also of Florian Philippot to give ” a hope to those millions of French who do not want the policy of Mr. Macron “.

” I wish to converse with Mr. Wauquiez, with Mr. Mariani, with all those Republicans who did not go to the soup with Mr Macron, with Mr. Philippot, with others in the national Front, I hope that it removes the defects of the national Front and the faults of the Republicans, I hope that it gives hope to those millions of French who do not want the policy, Mr. Macron, who have seen an opposition vanish or split. “

The member of the Essonne department, which had supported Marine Le Pen in the second round of the French presidential elections after he himself obtained 4,70 % of the votes in the first, has affirmed that his movement had saved recently, ” thousands “ of new accessions. the ” What comforted me is that these thousands of accessions, these are people, Republicans, who believe that I advocate a nice idea of the nation, generous, and people from the FN who have a bit enough of the operation of the FN and its excesses, “, he says, rejoicing at DLF, ” we can bring together and unite “.

While the eight members of the FN and he himself are too few in number to form a parliamentary group in the Assembly, Mr Dupont-Aignan has ensured that ” the issue with this is not a group, it doesn’t mean anything to a group, it is soup. The issue is the common program of government that we can build on to change the France and deal with the problems of the country to the source beyond the effect of com'”, a-t-he assured.

Philippot “agree” to dialogue

” I want to gather all those who believe in France and its values, its civilization, and want a different policy “, he concluded.

Mr Dupont-Aignan said that, re-elected deputy, he was going to leave the mairie de Yerres, such as the accumulation of directorships the prescribed. the ” I choose to the Meeting, because I presented (…) but I will stay very present as a city councillor in my city “, he said.

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The right arm of Marine Le Pen, Florian Philippot, in an unstable position since the defeat in the presidential election and the dismal performance of his party in the parliamentary elections, has responded positively to the outstretched hand. In a tweet, the vice-president of the national Front said : ” Always agree to talk when it comes to the national interest. “

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