Easily repairable, unlike the Pro and Pro Max models

By now, most pre-orderers should have received their new iPhone 14 model and got to grips with the new hardware and software. As expected, the prices of the devices remain high, which is why many buyers always hope that Apple will eventually make the hardware easier to repair for third parties. Lo and behold: As iFixit reports in its teardown of the new iPhone 14, the “little normal” is precisely the device that is actually much easier to repair than its predecessors and model colleagues from the Pro series.

Because both the iPhone 14 Pro and the 14 Pro Max are still similar to the old models, the iPhone 14 looks different. Accordingly, the inside of the 14 is probably the biggest difference to the iPhone 13, as it is otherwise very similar in appearance. The iPhone 14 can now be opened on the front and back. For a repair, this means that components on the back can be accessed more quickly than before and you don’t have to tinker your way through different layers of component groups for a long time. With a score of 7 out of 10 points, the iPhone 14 is the first model since the iPhone 7 to achieve this value.

And because we at iFixit know that there are now many users who also want to decorate their new iPhone with chic teardown wallpapers, the team has published a series of differently colored (and the X-ray) images of the iPhone 14.