Once again, an exciting Nintendo Direct show is over. Phew! But when we're not complaining about what Nintendo owes us, we rejoice (or criticize) what we've actually been shown. Meanwhile, we are already in September 2018, the year is not long and Nintendo has rightly revealed the first tangible to their 2019 line-up. Naturally, we at the ntower editors are as much fans as you are and have had our own wishes and ideas. How well we liked Nintendo Direct on the 14th of September, you can do it today Reaction of the editors read.

Roman poet

"The latest Nintendo Direct issue did not inspire me, but it surprised me positively. Let me briefly explain this mixed emotional situation: I was pleasantly surprised because Nintendo has consistently pushed my expectations, my "hype" in the past into the basement. After a decent start of the Nintendo Switch, there were fewer and fewer games news that could personally put me in real anticipation. While I've been waiting for news from Donkey Kong Country, Wave Race, F-Zero, Pilot Wings & Co. and hoping for brand new, exciting game ideas, Nintendo just seems to be giving Smash Bros., which makes me easy personally does not irritate.

After a boring E3 I did not expect much from the Nintendo Direct, but they could convince with the third part of Luigis Mansion, a very broad selection of games and surprisingly many games for the Nintendo 3DS. It was not enough for real excitement, because Luigi only got a small teaser, numerous reissues defined the overall picture (instead of a flood of real novelties) and many games like Animal Crossing are definitely interesting, but then not so exciting that I could not sleep with excitement. And (of course): Once again, nothing works without Smash Bros., which annoys me in the episode before it appears.

So I am patiently waiting for my personal highlights and believe that they will come eventually. Until then, I'll just keep up with middle-class entertainment, to put it a little cheeky. "

Biggest highlight: Of course Luigi!
Biggest disappointment: Smash Smash Smash gaäähn …

A blast right at the beginning: Luigi's Mansion 3 will be on the Nintendo Switch in 2019!

Dennis Gröschke

"What a great Nintendo Direct edition. So many different games and genres were rarely covered, there was something for everyone. Although Luigi's Mansion 3 and Animal Crossing did not hype me as well as some others here on the team or on the internet, I still found a few highlights for me. I'm looking forward to a schnitzel on Diablo 3 in November, will roll a wolf in Katamari Damacy REROLL in December and catch up with a lot of Final Fantasy in 2019. In fact, the sheer number of games within half an hour, even for games for the year 2018, could inspire you. Again and again one read in the past that the gaming powder for the Nintendo Switch was not yet fired, but could not really believe it because the announcements were missing. Now the Direct has delivered and makes curious about the year 2019, from which I hope for more great looking games like Yoshi's Crafted World or Daemon X Machina. Because one thing seems to be certain, 2019 will be varied and varied! "

Biggest highlight: Final Fantasy is back at Nintendo – and how …
Biggest disappointment: Kirby and the extra magic yarn (enough with ports on the Nintendo 3DS)

David Pettau

"Seen objectively, the past Nintendo Direct edition may have been one of the best ever. Not only were there great new game announcements, the worthy spectators were also everything, which in the coming months still at already well-known titles imminent, called into mind. Due to my editorial work at ntower, I'm, as far as the already well-known titles, of course completely in the picture, which is why I have admittedly quite bored over some routes of Direct – but this should not be a criticism of the Direct itself.

But we come to the individual premieres and new announcements of Direct: Yoshi's Crafted World does not really interest me, but always looks cute and clever, Luigi's Mansion 3 was able to completely surprise me, even if I have the rather bright look that is more On the Nintendo 3DS offshoot seems to be based on the Nintendo GameCube original, not yet fully convinced, and on Animal Crossing, I'm of course curious as a Flitzebogen. And Melinda is just too cute for this world. "

Biggest highlight: The announcement of Melinda as a fighter for Super Smash Bros. and the subsequent confirmation of an Animal Crossing offshoot (more on this in my current perspective)
Biggest disappointment: The Super Smash Bros. Ultimate artwork has not (yet) been supplemented with Melinda!

The plumber's last big 2D adventure comes on the Nintendo Switch. The game still looks almost identical after six years. New: Mopsie in the main adventure and Toadette, which can be transformed by a super-crown in Peachette.

Thomas Steidle

"Due to the very good but tiring training start of the last days, I fell asleep at 9 pm and woke up before 5 am without an alarm clock. Then I watched Nintendo Direct half asleep, but already in the first minute I was wide awake. After Simon and Richter Belmont's announcement video for Smash Bros., I already knew that Luigi's Mansion 3's new outcry would point to Luigi's Mansion 3, but that it would already be announced in this presentation – I never expected that! Then it went on with several games. While the Nintendo 3DS announcements, as for a long time, do not knock on the socks, the Nintendo Switch is given one title after another.

The whole third-party games have really surprised me here. Cities: Skylines is a very nice announcement, finally several Final Fantasys have been announced for the console and games like Civilization VI or Katamari Damacy REROLL complete the line-up. Yoshi's Crafted World looks better than the E3 2018, which really makes me happy. All I have to worry about is that you have to go through each level twice for 100%, as you may be able to get some collectibles only when playing backwards. Unfortunately, the Nintendo Switch online service is still quite meager, but the various NES games are being tried out with friends. Overall, but certainly one of the best Nintendo Directs ever. How much better will the next presentation be? "

Biggest highlight: Luigi's Mansion 3 and Animal Crossing for Nintendo Switch, absolutely! These have been my personal Most Wanted titles and are all the more so.
Biggest disappointment: New Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe instead of a New Super Mario Bros. Collection (like Super Mario All-Stars)

Max Kluge

"I did not know in advance what to expect from the current Nintendo Direct. Of course there were great hopes to finally see something new from Metroid Prime 4, but from experience I've had more fun with such presentations as I screw up my expectations. And what can I say: I definitely had my fun and was also surprised once or twice! I particularly liked the new roleplaying game of Game Freak – and of course the flood of Final Fantasy titles that will reach the Nintendo Switch in the future. Perfect for me, who only knows part 8 of the series. Oh, and of course, I'm also excited about the We Love Katamari remake for the Nintendo Switch!

It was a pity that there was no news about Fire Emblem: Three Houses. Also, that a large part of the presentation felt like a commercial, simply repeating the titles that will be released in the coming months without really sharing new information, was a bit boring. "

Biggest highlight: Nintendo's Troll Move at the end of the presentation: showing Melinda to eventually establish her as a fighter in SSBU, overthrowing all Animal Crossing fans in great disappointment, only moments later to fire up a teaser on the franchise's new entry really awesome!
Biggest disappointment: What was the new Fire emblem?

Among the surprising third-party announcements was Cities: Skylines, which is now available as a Nintendo Switch version.

Daniel Busch

"For a long time now I hope for a new offshoot of Animal Crossing and Luigi's Mansion for the new Nintendo console. Often Nintendo has disappointed me to this effect. All the greater was the joy and surprise that Nintendo provided us with both in this Direct. Since I do not want to complain that there was nothing to see Metroid Prime 4. But one thing is certain: Nintendo knows what the fans want and fulfills the wishes. Great! We noticed that at the latest when Nintendo wanted to lead us with the Animal Crossing announcement first on the ice and first "only" Melinda revealed as another fighter for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.

The announcement of Luigi's Mansion 3 was probably the biggest surprise. In a gruesome and funny trailer we were also given some insights into the ghost hunt, which will take place in an abandoned hotel. And I'm looking forward to it. As for the other announcements, one can say with certainty: It really expects us a lot for the Nintendo Switch. Whereby Yoshi's new adventure surprised me. Yoshi's Crafted World has evolved a lot since the announcement and – boy – the game looks cute. After the rather disappointing E3 for Nintendo, this Direct really was the bringer. "

Biggest highlight: The announcement of Luigi's Mansion 3 and Animal Crossing for Nintendo Switch, of course!
Biggest disappointment: Unfortunately there was no gameplay to see Animal Crossing.

Marco Kropp

"What could be nicer than watching a Nintendo Direct presentation live? Before getting sick and having a cold in bed to seek variety through new announcements. So I saw how Luigi's Mansion 3 was announced. First thoughts that started with Luigi's Mansion for Nintendo 3DS, follow because of the "sharpness" of the shown. Luigi's Mansion 3 made the hearts of all those who hoped for a Nintendo Switch version at the announcement of Luigi's Mansion for the Nintendo 3DS jump higher. Animation and style of what was shown reminded me of Next Level Games' Luigi's Mansion 2, although it is not yet known who is behind the title.

Then unfortunately not quite as many announcements for the Nintendo 3DS came as I would have expected. Also, they were rather less thrilling than in the Nintendo Direct presentation in March 2018. The first half for Nintendo Switch titles was rather boring, despite new Splatoon 2 video, which somehow reminded me of an anime-opening. Only the announcement of a Katamari game could cheer me humorically in the first half. I was particularly surprised at Square Enix in the second half of the presentation, and Starlink, TOWN, and other announcements also got excited for the moment.

The end was a bit too lengthy. Was it Animal Crossing? No, it looked like an announcement for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. The statements that the mayor was camping (alluding to Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp) and smash made me doubt it, but since Melinda did not come out of the pot with her mind, it could only be one. The subsequent announcement of Animal Crossing for the next year should have made many cheer. The video presentation, despite lengthy passages (such as the end), showed that Nintendo leaps forward with plenty of backing. It was probably the best Nintendo Direct release I've had since the release of the Nintendo Switch, though it was a bit lengthy in places. "

Biggest highlight: As at a carnival, one Final Fantasy after another was announced for the Nintendo Switch. After the first two Final Fantasy titles, I thought it was over Final Fantasy, but it just did not stop. Square Enix: Chapeau!
Biggest disappointment: New Super Mario Bros. U deluxe because of the name and in my opinion ugly logo. But well, just a simple port for those who were not allowed to play it …

That's it with the editorial response today, but how do you see that? What were your biggest highlights and disappointments? Who in the team are you most comfortable with?



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